Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes...

Bridal shoes are perhaps the most important shoes a woman will ever wear.  Whether you've been dreaming up classic silver bridal shoes or a pair of dazzling gold wedding shoes, we invite you to browse our selection of wedding shoes.  Also, don't forget about our free "Personalization".  You can personalize your wedding shoes with your wedding date or new last name, bible verse, or a special sentiment.  The possibilities are endless.  You are sure find the perfect wedding shoes!

Things to consider when choosing the right wedding shoes...

When picking the perfect wedding shoes, think about your venue, and the time of your nuptials. Wedding flats and sandals are a comfortable option for day time and outdoor weddings. If you want some height, consider wearing a silver or gold bridal heel outside because they won't get dirty easily. For indoor weddings, we love lace wedding shoes, ivory bridal heels, or a sparkly sandal.

What's the right height for wedding shoes?

When it comes to the height of your bridal shoes, it depends what you will feel comfortable walking down the aisle in. If your wedding is outdoors, you may feel safer in wedding flats or sparkly sandals. Bridal wedges are also a good option for those looking to add a couple inches. If you're getting married inside, don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You only walk down the aisle once, so choose the high wedding heel or pink bridal shoes. You can never go wrong with a pair of silver heels, or champagne and gold wedding shoes.

Finding comfortable wedding shoes…

You want to look and feel your best on your wedding day, but you'll also be running around so comfort is key. Some great options for bridal shoes are a wedding flat, sparkly sandal, or bridal wedges. When it comes to wedding heels, pick a height you feel confident walking in and comfortable standing around in. Silver or gold sandals are a good option for the wedding day and various events to follow. For something a bit more "bridal," consider ivory heels or lace wedding shoes for your special day.

How do I pick a shoe that compliments the color of my dress?

Because the color of some wedding dresses can be hard to match exactly, a good alternative would be choosing a silver or gold wedding shoe. Silver and gold wedding shoes can sound pretty generic, but our collection of styles is very distinctive. If you are wearing diamonds and rhinestones, our silver bridal shoes will be very complimentary. Check out our sparkly sandals, wedding wedges, silver bridal heels, and platforms. As for the brides looking for some contrast or a more stand out look, our gold shoes are perfect. Browse through our gold wedding heels and bridal flats for something remarkable.

How do I coordinate my jewelry and my shoes?

If you are wearing silver, gold, or ivory jewelry, we suggest picking the same color wedding shoe. By coordinating all of your accessories, it will tie your wedding look together. The different pieces and your shoes will all balance each other out and compliment each other. Our vast selection of wedding shoes provides you with a lot of options and styles to choose from. We have everything from platforms, low wedding heels, high wedding heels, sandals, sparkly shoes, and flats.