Bridesmaid Shoes

Bridesmaid Shoes...

Show your wedding party how much they mean to you with the gift of beautiful and comfortable wedding shoes! In a range of styles including Pumps, Heels, Sandals, and Flats, and colors including Silver, Gold, Ivory shoes, and Blush, you are sure to find the perfect bridesmaid shoes to match their outfits and look great in the pictures. And remember, all of our shoes can be personalized with the wedding date, their name, a bible verse or a special sentiment. The possibilities are endless.  You are sure find the perfect bridesmaid shoes! 

How do I pick the bridesmaid shoes?

Picking the perfect bridesmaid shoes can be a daunting task. No one is exactly the same height or size. Our collection of wedding flats and low heel shoes make it a little easier. It is important to remember that it is your wedding day and bridesmaid shoes are ultimately your decision. Think about the color and style that will compliment their bridesmaid dresses as well as your wedding dress. Consider the ground that they will be walking on. Are you getting married inside or out? Perhaps a low heel, bridesmaid sandal, or wedge would be best if they'll be outside.

What if my bridal party doesn’t like their shoes?

It is almost impossible to get a group of people to agree on one thing. This concept is true for bridesmaids as well. If your girls can't agree on one kind of bridesmaid shoe, we suggest letting them pick their own height and style. Give them a color and allow them to pick from the specific collection. For example, gold bridal sandals or silver shoes are easy to accessorize and match a lot of different dresses but your party can still choose what they are comfortable in. This way they will be comfortable but will still coordinate.

How do I pick the right heel height for everyone?

It is hard to decide on the perfect bridesmaid shoes when everyone is a different height. Some of your bridesmaids might be more comfortable in heels than others. If this is the case, going with a low bridesmaid heel or flat bridesmaid shoe is always safe. Dressy sandals provide comfort and a special touch. For girls that want some height, allow them to pick a low bridesmaid heel from the same collection. You will benefit if the whole bridal party is looking and feeling their best.