Personalized Wedding Shoes

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Personalized Wedding Shoes...

Wedding shoes are perhaps the most carefully chosen shoes a woman will ever wear.  Whether you've been dreaming up a classic ivory bridal shoes or a pair of dazzling rhinestone wedding shoes, we invite you to browse our selection of wedding shoes.  Also, don't forget about our free "Personalization".   You can personalize your wedding shoes with your wedding date or new last name, a bible verse, or a special sentiment.  The possibilities are endless.  You are sure find the perfect personalized wedding shoes!

What are some common examples of personalized wedding shoes?

Some common ideas and ways that brides personalize their wedding shoes are with their initials, their husband's initials, their new last name, their wedding or engagement date, etc.

What are some creative ways to personalize my wedding shoes?

Some unique and different ideas for personalized wedding shoes would be including a line of your wedding vows, meaningful words, special phrases or sayings, important song lyrics, or a bible verse.

What are some popular styles of wedding shoes and the best ones to personalize?

Our lace wedding flats are a great option because they are classic and traditional yet still trendy. You also can't go wrong with wedding flats & low heel wedding shoes because they are dressy for the ceremony and comfortable for the reception. We highly recommend champagne wedding shoes because they are so versatile. They look great with all styles and colors of wedding dresses but can be worn throughout wedding week, the honeymoon, and beyond with different outfits.