Wedding Flats & Low Heel

Wedding Flats...

You've always dreamt of dancing at your wedding, so it is important to pick a pair of comfortable wedding shoes.  You will look stunning in silver bridal flats, dazzling in rhinestone bridal flats, and classic in ivory bridal flats.  Enjoy your last dance as much as your first in your gold bridal flats.  And remember, all of our shoes can be personalized with your wedding date, new last name, a bible verse, or a special sentiment. The possibilities are endless.  You are sure to find the perfect bridal shoes!

Wedding flats can still be dress shoes…

Some brides may feel like wearing flat shoes on their wedding day is less "dressy" than a pair of wedding heels. However, our collection of wedding flats consists of sparkly shoes and sandals that will still make you feel like a princess. They provide comfort and will ease your mind by eliminating the fear of tripping down the aisle. 

Why should all brides have a pair of wedding flats?

We believe all brides should invest in a pair of wedding flats because heels can limit your movement and slow you down. We want our brides to have their dream shoes and our flats are beautiful. Even if they wear heels to the ceremony, wedding sandals are great for the reception. You can get around to everyone you need to easily and won't have any restrictions on the dance floor.